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Lost My Only Car Key, What Do I Do?

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    If you’ve been using a car for a long time, I bet you’ll agree that duplicating a key during those times is easy and quick.

    You can keep several keys as many as you want and keep them somewhere you can access them when you lose the original copy.

    Not to mention that it is inexpensive and less complicated.

    But with modern cars these days, apart from being expensive, it takes time to fix these keys.

    Replacing a lost car key takes several steps and may cost a hefty fixing.

    It can be stressful and frustrating, especially when you are going to an important meeting, an anticipated event, or simply getting late for work.

    Or you went upstate, and on your way back, suddenly you can’t find your keys.

    What an awful experience it might be.

    What Should You Do When You Lost Your Only Car Key?

    1. Keep Your Calm

    Don’t Panic.

    Panicking will bring you nowhere and prevent you from thinking straight, and you can’t think of ways to solve the problem.

    Take a deep breath and relax.

    1. Think Thoroughly

    Run a mind flashback and remember where you last saw the key.

    It could be that you dropped it in that exact location or put it somewhere without much thinking.

    Did you take it off the ignition?

    Shoot in your purse or pocket?

    Somewhere in between, you might recall what happened, and you may perhaps find some clue where you left the key.

    1. Search the Area

    Perform a rigorous exploration of the places you have been.

    It can be difficult if we are talking about a long drive and wide-area here, but we can give it a try.

    1. Double Check the Car

    We sometimes have a lot in mind, and we tend to be forgetful at times.

    It can happen to anyone, no matter how careful you are.

    Take a second tour of the car, even if it means looking only through the glass windows.

    There could be a chance that you just left the keys in the ignition, in the dashboard, or the car seat and only need to find your way to open the car.

    1. Report to the Authorities

    If you think that your car keys are stolen, and it does not seem that you just lost them, you might want to file a police report since your car may be a target by a car thief.

    A lot can happen when the keys fall into the hands of a bad guy, and the thoughts can be terrifying.

    Prevent it from happening by reporting it beforehand.

    1. Call for a Car Locksmith

    When all else fails, calling for a locksmith is the best option you have.

    Minimize the risk of damaging your vehicle by trying to force it open.

    Look for a key and locks service provider like Pick Me Locksmith to help you with this challenging situation.

    Car locksmiths can fix the issue right at your location, depending on your car model.

    They are mobilized and equipped with the latest tools to fix car keys concerns.

    Some vehicles might need to be brought to the car dealer for a more complicated adjustment for intricate key issues.

    Where Can I Get a New Key If I Don’t Have the Original?

    You can have your car key replaced in a car dealership where you purchased your vehicle.

    Most probably, they have a duplicate copy with them.

    Or, if there is nothing on hand, they will contact the key manufacturer to produce a new key.

    Especially for Key Fobs and Transponder keys since they need microchipping and programming.

    Another way is to hire a car locksmith.

    These professionals are highly skilled when it comes to repair and replacement of car keys.

    And if you lost your keys somewhere remote, you can call Pick Me Locksmith company, and we will go to wherever you are to help you.

    Our reliable key makers are knowledgeable in making new keys without spare on site.

    Give us a call and let us know your location, and we will arrive in no time.

    Just relax and let us do our job.

    After all, this is what we were paid for.

    Our hotline is open anytime, and our employees are available 24/7 in service.

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