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    Our cars allow us to transport from one location to another.

    However, we pay so much attention to oil changes, fuel, engine, and wheels that we forget to pay attention to the most secure part of our car – the vehicle key!

    Hence, we’ll discuss all types of vehicle keys and call for a service when you encounter problems.

    Different Types of Car Keys

    Car keys come in different types and functionalities.

    Also, the type of key determines the level of security of your car.

    If you figure out you have a key with low-level security, you can upgrade it to make your car more secure.

    Moreover, these are the common ones you see in the market:

    Mechanical Keys

    Mechanical keys are usually common in older vehicle models.

    They function as twist-and-go keys.

    You don’t need a specialized encoding to access the car with a mechanical key.

    This type can be easily duplicated by cutting metal.

    Remote Keys

    Remote keys are used to unlock and lock the cars from a predetermined distance.

    A remote key has an infrared signal called a radio transmitter to send a message to the receiver in the car.

    They are usually operated via a batter and have a button to disable the car’s alarm system.

    Transponder Keys

    Transponder keys have chips inserted at the top of the car keys.

    They work by sending a unique code or signal to the car’s immobilizer.

    If the code matches the car’s, the car turns on through ignition.

    Another type of transponder key is with rolling codes.

    The codes change every time a car starts.

    However, if you try to start another car with a transponder key, you won’t do so since it prevents you from doing it.

    Flip Style Remote

    This remote key is sometimes called a switchblade key since it folds within itself.

    A flip-style remote has a button that pops out the key.

    Here, you can retract the key into the head or fob of the key.

    Smart Keys

    Smart keys are not actual keys.

    They are designed to stay in your pocket without unlocking the car.

    A car with a smart key system usually detects the presence of the smart key through the antennas.

    The car’s immobilizer is then deactivated when the smart key is inside your key, and from there, the ignition starts.

    It will also trigger the ignition by pressing the button without inserting it into the ignition.

    When You Should Call For a Vehicle Key Service

    Vehicle keys don’t last a lifetime as they will eventually break due to wear and tear and old age.

    Of course, needing a vehicle key service is more than just replacing the key because of age and wearing.

    In fact, these are some of the reasons why you need a vehicle key service:

    1. Stolen or Lost Keys

    Once your keys are lost or stolen, it will present a security risk to your car.

    Even if you have a key backup, you need to know where the other key is located, or else your car will be vulnerable to theft.

    Once you can’t find your lost or stolen keys, you need to replace them as soon as possible.

    You can call Pick Me Locksmiths for a vehicle key replacement.

    1. Damaged Keys

    Damage is the reason why you should replace your car keys.

    Keys wear out with constant use.

    This means you need to replace them.

    Nowadays, most cars use a transponder key that signals the vehicle’s ignition.

    If the chips from the transponder suffer from damage due to whatever problems, you’ll need new keys to reprogram the receiver unit.

    1. Increase Level of Security

    Consider upgrading your lock system and replacing the keys if you have an old car.

    Old vehicles may have a lot of charm, but the security system speaks otherwise.

    For this reason, you need to contact a local locksmith company to upgrade the car keys for you.

    1. Faulty Security System

    A newer car model has various security measures to detect theft.

    The security system doesn’t only involve the key, but also the ignition to the alarm system and central computer.

    If someone broke into your car, or you notice a malfunctioning system, it’s essential to replace the car keys.

    In this way, you’ll enable your security system to work normally again.

    Looking for a Locksmith Company?

    We agree that having your car secure is essential to prevent theft and burglary.

    With this in mind, you can avail vehicle key services from Pick Me Locksmiths.

    Whether you need a vehicle key replacement, repair, upgrade, or vehicle lockout, we can do it for you.

    We’re an excellent choice for everything related to vehicle keys!

    Call us now for a vehicle key service!

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