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    Locks Re-Key Services

    If you recently moved to your new home, had to fire an employee, or lost your keys, you’re probably considering changing your locks.

    Most people do not know that instead of having their locks changed, there is a better and cheaper solution to keep your house or business safe – re-keying.

    That’s why we’ll discuss more locks re-key and when you should do it rather than changing the locks.

    If you’re probably wondering, re-keying can save you more money.

    Most locksmith companies don’t inform people that there are different options for the customer regarding key security, especially cheaper options.

    Thus, head on to find out why you should opt for a locks re-key.

    What is Locks Re-key?

    Re-keying a lock means changing the lock’s inner workings to a different key without replacing the lock.

    In other words, the old key won’t unlock the existing lock.

    The process is usually done by replacing some parts inside the lock, or what you call key pins or tumblers.

    When you replace the key pins, you will need a new key to access the lock.

    Re-keying might sound complicated, but it’s an easy process that should take an hour to achieve.

    To successfully re-key a lock, the locksmith should have the existing key.

    In this way, it will be easy to do it.

    Otherwise, the only way to re-key the lock is to pick it open.

    As this might not be an issue for a skilled locksmith, it will often cost you more which can be pretty expensive than replacing the lock altogether.

    Furthermore, if you’re concerned about the security of locks re-key, you don’t have to worry about it.

    An important factor that makes the lock secure is how many pins are inside the lock.

    As long as the locksmith changes five pins with new ones, the lock will stay secure as before.

    On the other hand, if want a better way to secure the locks, changing them to a newer and higher security is the best option.

    Because the key pins in the locks are affordable, re-keying is much cheaper than changing your locks.

    Most often, you only get charged for the labor for lock re-keying.

    Whereas for changing the lock, you’re paying for the parts and the labor.

    Why should you re-key your locks?

    The best time to re-key the locks is once your home or commercial building is bought or sold.

    If someone has a key to your property, you should consider re-keying.

    To ensure that an unauthorized person doesn’t have access to your property, a reliable locksmith will change the pins so only new keys will access the existing lock.

    Moreover, these are some common examples of why you should opt for a lock re-key.

    • Currently moved into a new home
    • Brand new home purchase as construction workers might still have access to the keys
    • Lost keys
    • Your business moves into a new location
    • Foreclosure property
    • Recently evicted a tenant in an apartment

    Is it possible to re-key by yourself?

    Re-keying a lock might be a simple procedure, but it means you need learning and practice for you to perform.

    Not just those, but you also need to have the right tools, which can be pretty expensive when you think about the costs.

    Usually, a professional pinning kit costs around $250, which is more expensive than ten pieces of basic locks.

    You should also keep in mind when trying to re-key by yourself and you fail; you might damage the lock in the process.

    As a result, you could ruin the lock completely.

    Some newer locks offer options to re-key them easily at home without calling a locksmith company.

    These locks are becoming popular nowadays as technology improves.

    However, these locks still have some flaws.

    If re-keying a lock is not your expertise, we recommend getting the service from a reputable locksmith company such as Pick Me Locksmiths.

    Call Pick Me Locksmiths now if you need locks re-key service.

    Need to Re-key your lock?

    Don’t hesitate when it comes to locks re-key.

    The moment you decide you need to re-key your locks for a secure home, call Pick Me Locksmiths now.

    We’ll re-key your locks in a matter of minutes once we arrive at your house.

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