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    You must have seen a push bar in some of the commercial buildings. The reason is NFPA 101 or The Life Safety Code and International Building Code requires a building to have a commercial push bar. Because of this, push bars are the most popular commercial lock types today. While they’re often used for emergencies, they also have advantages over a traditional door opening mechanism in a commercial building. Thus, we will cover everything you need to know about a commercial push bar.

    What is a commercial push bar?

    A push bar is a simple device. It is a metal bar loaded with spring, so it’s easy to open the door when it is pushed. Most push bars can unlock the doors. Unlike most emergency doors, they should remain shut and locked to prevent burglars from using them. On the other hand, it’s possible to unlock doors with push bars from the inside and push the door out to easily evacuate. Thus, a push bar is very important during a fire or emergency. Also, you can install a push bar on any door. Hence, you can see them on emergency exits and front-facing doors in most commercial establishments. The push bar is also installed in front-facing doors because, in an event where people can’t access emergency exits, they can still head to the front of the building. Since most businesses notice this during an emergency, they install push bars on front doors.

    Different Kinds of Push Bars

    If you’re considering installing a push bar, know the many different types in the market. They all have similar functionalities. However, it only differs from what type of door you use it. Here are some of them:

    Horizontal Push Bar

    One push bar type is a horizontal push bar that fits across the door’s width. The push bar is attached to the strike plate to unlock the door when someone pushes it.

    Vertical Rod Push Bars

    A vertical rod push bar has a similar look to a horizontal one. When you push a vertical rod, it unlocks at the top and bottom of the door. Thus, this design makes the door sturdier.

    Concealed Vertical Rod Push Bar

    The concealed vertical rod bars are used if your building has aluminum doors. This makes it easy to push this type of push bar in emergencies. Also, the concealed bars run through the hollow part of the aluminum door frame. As a result, this prevents the intruders from accessing the doors as entryways.

    Ways a Commercial Push Bar Makes Your Building Safer

    Several years ago, some incidents led to the invention of a commercial push bar. In 1883, 183 children died in England in the Victoria Hall disaster. Another instance is, 172 students died in a Collinwood school fire in 1905 in England. Because of these two extreme events where children couldn’t leave a building due to disaster, push-bars were needed for exit doorways. This is why most buildings had building codes at the end of the 20th century and why the first design of the push bar was invented and used until today. In short, push bars allow people to leave the building by simply pushing the bar to unlatch the door successfully. Having a push bar in a building would make it easier for people to exit since the door swings in an exit direction. Because of this, casualties were minimized due to the invention of a push bar. With this in mind, you need to have a push bar installed in your building to allow for a safe exit during an emergency. Call Pick Me Locksmiths today if you’re looking for a locksmith company that installs push-bar.

    Want to Install Push Bars For Your Building?

    Aside from making your building secure and safe, commercial push bars are also affordable. If you want to install them for your doors, a locksmith company will help you choose the type of push bar your business needs. They will also install them for you, whether you want a horizontal or a vertical push bar. If you need a push bar installation, call Pick Me Locksmiths today. After all, it’s essential to keep your building safe and secure by installing a push bar. Call us, so you can get your push bar installed in your commercial doors!

    commercial push bar installation and repair locksmiths

    In the world of commercial spaces, ensuring the safety of occupants is a top priority. Emergency exits play a crucial role in this regard, and commercial push bars are a common feature on these doors. However, when issues arise with push bar locks, the services of commercial push bar locksmiths become essential. We are specialised in the installation, repair, and maintenance of push bar systems on emergency exit doors and ensure that these crucial exit points remain functional, compliant with safety regulations, and ready to facilitate quick evacuations in case of emergencies. Push bars are designed to comply with safety standards and building codes. 

    Commercial push bar locksmiths are well-versed in these regulations, ensuring that the push bar systems they install or repair meet the necessary safety requirements. During emergency situations, the functionality of push bars becomes paramount. Commercial push bar locksmiths understand the urgency of these situations and are equipped to provide rapid response services to address any issues that may hinder the smooth operation of push bar exits. 

    Our commercial push bar locksmiths use specialised tools and techniques designed specifically for push bar systems. Whether dealing with mechanical or electronic push bars, these locksmiths have the knowledge and equipment to handle a wide range of issues. 

    Why Push-Bars are important for commercial spaces?

    Push bars allow for quick and easy egress during emergencies. Occupants can exit a building swiftly without the need for intricate movements or the use of keys, ensuring a rapid evacuation in critical situations. Building codes often mandate the use of push bars on designated emergency exits.

    Ensuring the proper functionality of push bars is essential for compliance, and commercial push bar locksmiths play a vital role in meeting these regulatory requirements. Push bars help prevent panic and congestion during evacuations. Their intuitive design allows individuals to exit a building efficiently, reducing the risk of injuries or delays that may occur with traditional door handles or locks. 

    Push bars are designed to be accessible to a diverse range of users, including individuals with disabilities or those carrying items. This inclusivity ensures that everyone can navigate emergency exits easily and safely. 

    Implement a schedule for regular inspections and maintenance of push bar systems. Commercial push bar locksmiths can identify and address potential issues before they compromise the functionality of emergency exits. Provide employees with training on emergency evacuation procedures, including the proper use of push bars. Well-informed occupants contribute to a smoother and safer evacuation process during emergencies. Ensure that push bars are installed at an appropriate height to accommodate individuals with disabilities. 

    Compliance with accessibility standards ensures that emergency exits are usable by all occupants. For commercial spaces with electronic push bar systems, implement regular monitoring of electronic components. This proactive approach helps identify and address potential malfunctions before they impact the overall system. Encourage a prompt response to any reported issues with push bars. Timely repairs by commercial push bar locksmiths help maintain the security and functionality of emergency exits.

    From addressing mechanical issues to troubleshooting electronic systems, their expertise contributes to the overall safety of occupants during emergencies. By implementing proactive measures, including regular inspections and employee training, businesses can enhance the security of their emergency exits and maintain compliance with safety standards. In doing so, they create a safer environment for employees, visitors, and the community at large.

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