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    If you’re keeping important documents, possessions, and cash, keeping a combination safe in your house is essential. This protects your belongings from fire, burglary, or natural disaster. However, what should you do if you can’t open your safe to access your important things? A safe is effective in keeping your valuables and assets protected since the password is difficult to crack. Now, when you are trying to open a safe with a forgotten password, you could be damaging it in the process. Therefore, it’s best to call a locksmith company to avoid damaging the lock of your safe, which might be challenging to repair. For this reason, we will give you techniques on how to unlock safe if you want to do it on your own. Also, we’ll discuss how locksmiths usually unlock safes in their method.

    Forgotten Password or Combination

    If you forgot your safe password, don’t attempt any further. You should also check with anyone who remembers the combination and ensure that he didn’t change anything. Once you verify that he didn’t alter the combination, there’s another quick fix to the problem. Find the serial number of your safe, which is usually located at the side of the back panel. Then, contact the manufacturer since there’s a high chance of recovering the combination for you. If this doesn’t work, the last thing you can do is approach a locksmith to manipulate the lock. You might have probably seen this in Hollywood films, but the technique involves listening to the sound and feeling the vibrations every time a dial is turned. By doing this, a locksmith will determine the right combination to unlock the safe.

    Safe Won’t Open With the Correct Combination

    If you’re trying to open the safe with the right combination and the door is not opening, there might be a problem with the level or the locking mechanism. To fix this problem, try prying the door. To do it, apply grease to the hinges and apply pressure to it, then pry the door and bolt to work out of the frame. However, this must be performed with caution because you might be damaging the safe, leading to beyond repair. Just to make sure, you can always give Pick Me Locksmiths a call to open the safe.

    Combination Dial is Loose or Won’t Rotate All the Way

    When a dial sticks on a certain number of stops rotating, there might be a severe problem with the lock. Before trying any further to rotate the dial, check with the manufacturer. If the safe is under warranty, you can have the safety check with them to troubleshoot the problem at no cost. However, if your safe is not under warranty anymore, call a locksmith company. Most likely, the internal parts might be worn out; hence, you cannot rotate the dial entirely.

    Methods Locksmiths Use to Open a Safe

    Now that you’ve done your part in trying to open your safe with no success, it’s time to rely on the locksmiths. In fact, locksmiths have tools to assess the problem, unlock the safe and repair it when necessary. As a result, the owner will retrieve the documents inside the safe. Here are some of the methods that locksmiths usually do to unlock safes:

    Cutting Method

    Although most locksmiths rarely use this method, it’s possible to cut the safe. This method includes using a saw or torch to cut the safe. The reason why locksmiths don’t use it is that it’s messy, noisy, and slow. It could also potentially damage the safe. Several sets of saw blades are required to open the safe depending on the material used.

    Drilling Method

    This method involved drilling a tiny hole into the safe to insert a small instrument to see how a locksmith could open the lock. However, drilling can be challenging since many manufacturers use advanced and high-quality interior technology that makes it impossible. On the other hand, locksmiths often use a drilling method to speed up the process while needing only minor repairs to make the safe usable again.


    Once the locksmith drills into the safe, he inserts a borescope to have an idea of the safe’s locking mechanism. This is a safe and inexpensive method to access the safe when added security measures such as manipulation-proof locks and glass re-lockers.

    Need a Locksmith?

    If you can’t unlock your safe, don’t worry. Give Pick Me Locksmiths a call to unlock your safe without damaging it. Call us so we can perform the job right away.

    Safes serve as secure repositories for our valuable possessions, protecting them from theft, fire and other potential hazards. However, when access to a safe is compromised due to a forgotten combination, malfunction or lost key, the skills of unlocking safe locksmiths becomes indispensable. We are skilled and trained in the art of precision safe opening. Whether dealing with a traditional mechanical safe, a digital electronic safe, or a combination lock, these specialists employ advanced techniques and tools to open safes without causing damage. Unlock safe locksmiths are well-versed in the intricacies of different safe models and employ methods tailored to the specific type and locking mechanism of the safe in question. Forgotten combinations are a common issue for safe owners. Unlock safe locksmiths possess the expertise to retrieve forgotten combinations, resetting or decoding the safe’s lock mechanism to allow access without compromising its security features. In situations where the safe is secured with a key, but the key is lost or damaged, unlock safe locksmiths offer key replacement services. We can create a new key, ensuring that safe owners regain access without the need for forceful entry.

    Safe Combination Changes

    To maintain security, unlock safe locksmiths offer safe combination change services. This is particularly important in situations where access codes may have been compromised or when changing ownership of a safe.

    Safe Lock Upgrades

    As technology advances, so do safe locking mechanisms. Unlock safe locksmiths assist in upgrading safe locks to modern, high-security options, ensuring that the safe remains resilient against evolving security threats.

    Lock Safe Keys or Combinations

    Whether the safe’s key is lost or the combination is forgotten, unlocking safe locksmiths provide solutions for regaining access without compromising the integrity of the safe. This service is crucial to prevent potential damage from forced entry attempts.

    Safe Assistance

    Many homeowners use safes to protect important documents, jewellery, or firearms. Unlock safe locksmiths cater to residential safe needs, ensuring that homeowners can access their valuables securely and efficiently.

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    Safe Unlock

    The security of a commercial establishment goes beyond the ordinary lock and key, demanding a level of expertise and precision that only commercial locksmiths can provide.
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