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    Providing security to your business is one of the most critical concerns of any business owner. Whether it is protecting your business’s sensitive information from theft or maintaining the safety of your business in general, the importance of having a commercial door lock is essential. However, security is dependent on the locks and doors, especially if they are in good condition. It doesn’t matter if you have a sophisticated security system since one faulty lock could allow an intruder to enter your premises. Then, there’s the possibility that he could access everything you’ve been dying to protect – goods, secure documents, and even money. Moreover, commercial door locks are way superior to your standard locks. The level of complexity of the commercial door locks means there are several ways to malfunction. Fortunately, Pick Me Locksmiths have the experience to perform a commercial lock repair. Hence, any damage or malfunction to your garage door will be solved once our hands fix them. Whether you’re dealing with vandalism damage, forced entry, or wear and tear, we provide solutions to keep your employees and your business protected.

    Benefits of Calling a Commercial Lock Repair

    As a business owner, it’s normal to use different locks to secure every corner of your business property. When you use your commercial lock daily, the risk of damage can eventually happen. Fortunately, there are locksmith companies that provide commercial lock repair services. So if you’re stuck with a commercial lock problem, these are the advantages why you should call for a commercial lock repair.

    Gain Access To Your Property

    If one of the locks in your property is damaged, it would be difficult to gain access to your building. This usually happens if the lock is damaged due to heavy use, age, or broken during a forced break-in. Because of this, you should gain access to your commercial building as soon as possible. Fortunately, a locksmith company such as Pick Me Locksmiths will help you with this. Call our team now!

    Easier Access to Your Building

    One other problem that leads to difficulty accessing your commercial building is a damaged lock. You find it difficult to lock or unlock with a damaged lock, which can be a hassle. To make things easier for you, work with a professional locksmith company that offers commercial lock repair services.

    Easy Access to Your Safe

    Having one or more safes in your business is a good idea. Once you keep cash on your hand within the building, you can guarantee safety. You can also use the safe for keeping important documents, valuables, and more. Of course, if the lock on your safe is not working as it’s supposed to, it can lead to a bad situation. It would be difficult to open your safe to access your cash and important documents. Fortunately, a commercial locksmith company can fix the damaged locks of your safe.

    Fix Broken Mailbox Locks

    You may need to lock your mailbox to prevent others from gaining access to it. However, it would be impossible to use if the mailbox lock is damaged, putting your mail at risk. You might also be faced with a dilemma where you cannot gain access to your company’s mailbox. Whatever the problem you’re dealing with a locked mailbox, we at Pick Me Locksmith can assist you in fixing the lock – or we can install one for you.

    Situations When to Call For A Commercial Lock Repair

    So, if you’re wondering about other situations on when to call a commercial lock repair, here is our list below.

    Jammed Lock

    Whether it’s a door, safe, or mailbox, their locks can get jammed eventually. This can be frustrating, but it’s a common lock problem. You can always reach out to a reliable commercial locksmith company to fix this problem.

    Faulty Lock

    If the knob turns but the lock doesn’t move, there may be problems with the lock parts. Make sure to call for a commercial lock repair service for this problem.

    Picked Lock

    If your building has been broken into before, there’s a chance that intruders will manipulate the locks to gain entry again. This could lead to a damaged lock. You can ask a professional locksmith to repair this issue to make your building secure again.

    Pick Me Locksmiths – Your Reliable Commercial Lock Repair Service

    If you’re dealing with a jammed, picked, and faulty lock, contact Pick Me Locksmiths, now! Our team is undoubtedly to provide the high-quality service you need. Call us, and we’ll make sure your building is secure again.
    There’s nothing like satisfaction and relief as you make it to your apartment after tiring work. You think of everything you can do, such as making dinner, sprawling into your couch, or playing with your pets. You’re thinking all the things you want to do when you accidentally turn the knob in your apartment, only which it’s locked. Now that you’ve searched your pocket and bag for the keys, you find out that you forgot them inside your apartment. Or maybe you have the key, but the top lock from the inside of your apartment is shut. Whatever you do, it’s just impossible to get in. Now you try all you can, but nothing is working. You find yourself locked out of your apartment. Now, what to do? Here we will discuss what to do when you’re in the middle of an apartment lockout situation.

    What Should I Do When I Got Locked Out Of My Apartment?

    Getting locked out of your apartment is one of the most frustrating things that can happen, especially if you know your keys are inside the apartment. Try to relax and assess the situation when you’re in this dilemma. Hence, follow these tips to take control of the situation.

    Look for another way to get in.

    Your door may be locked, but what about your windows? Or, if the building has backdoors, do you have access? If you don’t own a spare key, you can always find another way to get into your apartment. If you live above the first floor with a balcony situated slightly above the ground level, you can check your room by sneaking a peek at your door. On the other hand, if you live in a brownstone or walk-up building with several entrances, take some time to think. Assess the options you have by finding an unlocked window or check if you can access it by climbing the fire exit. Yes, you’re trying to break in, but you’re not damaging any property to begin with.

    Ask your roommate for help.

    What is impressive with having a roommate is getting help in an apartment lockout situation. Even if you have to wait for them to come home, at least you won’t have to break your window just to get in. Call them and let them know what happened. You can also ask to grab their key if you’re not patient enough to wait for them. Another way is you can wait outside or in a coffee shop until your roommate arrives.

    Talk to your landlord or property manager.

    You can reach out to your property manager or landlord if you’re locked out of your apartment. A landlord will always have the spare key on hand for maintenance or lockout emergencies. Hence it’s pretty safe that you let them into your place for a few minutes. In this way, you can finally enter your apartment. When they do not have a spare key, they’ll likely call a local locksmith company. By relying on the job to a reliable locksmith company, it can produce quicker results since they might have a copy of your key. Of course, this service often comes with a charge, but it’s alright. After all, with a reliable locksmith, you can guarantee that they will do all the means to access your apartment – whether by forging a new key or lock. Whatever solution is needed, they will provide it. If you’re looking for a reliable locksmith, reach out to Pick Me Locksmiths today.

    Can Pick Me Locksmiths Open My Apartment Door?

    Of course, if your landlord fails to have a spare key or calls his old trusty locksmith, you can do some research on your own. This might be the last option, but it’s the most efficient way to get rid yourself of an apartment lockout situation. Professional locksmiths can unlock your apartment without inflicting any damage while doing it seamlessly and successfully. Depending on your situation, they might install a new lock to gain access to your apartment. Of course, you need to talk about this with your landlord since it’s not your property. So if you need a reliable locksmith company, call Pick Me Locksmiths. We will make sure that you gain access to your apartment safely and securely. Call us now!

    Commercial lock repair

    Security is a paramount in the world of commerce, and businesses rely on robust lock systems to protect their assets, data and well-being of their employees. When commercial locks encounter issues, commercial lock repair locksmiths become essential. 

    Commercial lock repair locksmiths play a vital role in ensuring business continuity. We have expertise in resolving issues related to locks that promptly minimises downtime, allowing businesses to operate smoothly without disruptions caused by malfunctioning locks.

     We understand the unique security needs of businesses. We provide specialised services tailored to commercial locks , electronic access control systems, and security measures that are common in commercial spaces. 

    The commercial lock repair process begins with a thorough diagnostic assessment. Locksmiths examine the specific lock, identify the issues affecting its functionality, and determine the most effective course of action. Depending on the nature of the issue, locksmiths may need to disassemble the lock to access internal components for a detailed inspection. 

    This step allows for a comprehensive assessment of the lock’s condition. Keyway blockages due to dirt or debris are addressed through cleaning, and lubrication is applied to key components to reduce friction. This step ensures smooth operation and prevents future issues. If keys are excessively worn or broken, locksmiths may recommend key replacement along with lock repair to ensure optimal performance. 

    Based on the assessment, locksmiths proceed to repair or replace internal components that may be causing the issue. This may involve adjustments to misaligned parts, replacing worn-out components, or addressing corrosion. For commercial spaces with electronic or smart locks, locksmiths configure the system to ensure proper connectivity, programming, and functionality. 

    This may involve software adjustments or addressing technical issues with electronic components. After completing the repairs, the locksmith reassembles the lock and conducts rigorous testing. 

    This includes checking the key’s functionality, ensuring proper alignment of internal components, and confirming that the lock operates smoothly. Adjustments may be made to the lock’s alignment, latch, or electronic components to ensure that it functions seamlessly. This step is crucial for preventing future issues and enhancing the overall performance of the lock. 

    We implement a regular maintenance schedule for commercial locks. Schedule check-ups by commercial lock repair locksmith can identify potential issues early on and prevent unexpected malfunctioning. We establish clear key management protocols to track the distribution , return and replacement of keys. 

    Proper key management reduces the risks of unauthorised access and ensures that keys are accounted for all the time. Conduct periodic audits of access control systems to verify that employee access permissions align with current organisational requirements. This helps prevent access related issues and enhances overall security.

    We are indispensable partners in maintaining the security and operational continuity of businesses. From prompt emergency lockout assistance to key replacement, repair of electronic access systems, and regular maintenance, their expertise is crucial for businesses looking to fortify their security measures. Taking proactive measures, combined with the services of commercial lock repair locksmiths, ensures that commercial spaces remain secure and operational in the face of evolving security challenges.

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