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    What would you do if your car keys were in someone’s else’s hand?

    Whether you lost your key or had it stolen, it is terrible to think that someone else has your key.

    Getting your car stolen would be the last thing you would like to happen.

    Thus, it may be time to have your auto locks re-keyed.

    If you are looking for a reputable locksmith for vehicle re-key, look no further!

    Our team of experts at Pick Me Locksmiths has the knowledge and tools needed to re-key various sorts of vehicles, including motorcycles, trucks, and SUVs.

    You can reach us at any time, as we are open seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

    Contact us and have your vehicle re-keyed.

    What is a Re-key?

    The concept behind rekeying is fairly simple.

    It is the process of altering a lock or ignition chamber to open it using a completely new key.

    A number of pins and tumblers, each carved to fit the grooves of your keys, are included in each lock or ignition chamber.

    Your auto locksmith will begin by disassembling your locks or ignition chambers before rekeying them.

    We completely replace the wafers after we have dismantled them.

    As a result, your old keys are unusable by altering these pins and tumblers.

    When to Get Your Car Re-keyed?

    There are a variety of reasons why your car’s ignition could need to be rekeyed.

    Here’s to name a few.

    Car Accident

    Many internal components of a car are likely to be damaged in an auto accident.

    After an accident, it is a good idea to re-key the locks because they might have been damaged in the collision.

    Stolen Car Keys

    You should certainly have your vehicle re-keyed if you have misplaced or had your keys stolen.

    There is always a potential that the person who took your car keys will be able to get into your car without any difficulty.

    Because of this, it would be best to have your car lock replaced.

    In this way, you can ensure that your car is secured and safe from getting stolen.-

    Second-hand car

    If you have recently purchased a used car, you will also need to have your car re-keyed.

    You never know how many duplicates of your car are out there.

    While it is unlikely that you will stumble into someone who has a copy of your second-hand car’s keys, it is a thought that’s worth considering.

    Duplicate keys

    Many manufacturers have a limited number of key combinations.

    As a result, it is possible that your car keys have a sibling out there.

    If you are concerned about clone keys, you should have your locks re-keyed.

    Although the chances are slim, it is something to think about.

    Is it Possible to Perform a Vehicle Rekeying Project on Your Own?

    Although the internet may supply you with all of the information and tutorials you need to rekey a car, it does not guarantee that you will be successful.

    For a variety of reasons, DIY re-keying is simply not worth the risk.

    • Do you have the right expertise and tools?
    • Are you positive that you won’t make a mistake and get locked out?
    • Do you have any idea how to remove a lock or ignition without causing any harm?
    • Do you have any idea how to make a new key to match your new locks?

    This will be a feat that only a few people will be capable of.

    Only licensed and qualified locksmiths have the necessary knowledge, abilities, and tools to complete the task securely and efficiently.

    As a result, it is not advisable to try your hand at it.

    Why Opt for a Car Rekey?

    Oftentimes, re-keying a car door lock is the right solution rather than replacing the whole car lock.

    Also, vehicle re-key is a lot cheaper than other possible solutions.

    By contacting your local auto locksmith as soon as possible and having your locks and ignitions rekeyed, you may make any existing keys into a thing of the past.

    This gives you a sense of security and tranquility.

    At Pick Me Locksmiths, we provide affordable locksmith solutions to your problems.

    We ensure that even without entirely replacing the properly functioning lock, any old or unaccounted for keys will no longer be able to get entry to your car lock.

    Call us anytime to have your vehicle re-keyed.

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