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    It’s inconvenient if your lock is causing you trouble. The lock problem only starts when you have to jiggle the lock to access the door. Now, you’re lifting the handle slightly while finessing the lock. However, no matter how you perform a fine-tuned maneuver to your lock to unlock it, you may eventually get locked out if you don’t fix it. It’s essential to think ahead and deal with your damaged lock once and for all. Besides, we want to reduce the possibility of break-ins just because of a damaged lock. If you want your lock fixed, you can reach out to Pick Me Locksmiths for a residential lock repair. Call us to get your lock fixed with our experienced locksmiths.

    Reasons Why Locks Get Damaged

    A good lock can last for more than a decade. However, it is still subjected to wear and tear that could eventually lead to a broken lock. To avoid getting locked out, never ignore even the slightest lock damage. Moreover, there are several reasons why a lock gets damaged:

    Weather Stripping

    Aged weather seals can eventually lead to lock damage due to the flaking of exterior paint on a door. As the paint chips off, there might be a chance that the lock latch will break inside. To prevent the damage due to aging weather seals, replace them as needed. If you haven’t replaced your weather stripping for several years, now is the excellent time to do it.


    Temperature changes can result in the expansion and contraction of wood and metal. As time goes by, the door bolt will eventually misalign that, which should require repositioning.

    Dirt and Grime Accumulation

    Dirt and grime will accumulate inside your locks over the years. As a result, it could lead the lock to seize up. Fortunately, you can clean the locks with the help of a locksmith company and inspect whether the internal mechanisms have become faulty.

    Lock Damage Due To Lock Tampering

    If you have previously experienced a burglary and your lock has been tampered with, the lock could suffer from damage. After a break-in, it’s natural to feel insecure about your existing locks. Sometimes, thefts could use a quick and damaging form of breaking in by drilling using a deadbolt that could damage the lock. However, this method doesn’t happen in most cases. There are also times that burglars would use a bumping technique to manipulate the door tumblers. Other times, a burglar may attempt to pick a lock using a different type of lock and pick to rake the lock’s tumblers harshly. Especially when the burglars are amateur, the picking and bumping can lead to a broken lock. To spot a damaged lock from picking and bumping, you can see signs of dents and scuffs around the keyhole. Also, there are other noticeable signs that your locks get damaged due to tampering. These are some of them:
    • Warped door frame
    • The locking fixture has loosened up then tightened afterward
    • Bent deadbolt or latch
    • Difficult to turn the key due to pin deformation
    • Damage around the keyhole’s metal edges
    • Visible scratches around the keyhole
    Now that you’ve seen these signs, it’s best to call a locksmith professional such as Pick Me Locksmiths to perform a residential lock repair. A professional locksmith will assess the locks following a break-in situation. We can perform a residential lock repair or change to make your lock more secure than ever. We can also install a higher security grade lock if you’re probably considering installing it to your locks. In short, we at Pick Me Locksmiths will advise you on the recommended quality locks to keep your home secure. In this way, you’ll prevent future break-ins.

    Damaged Lock Bolt

    After turning the key or knob but the lock doesn’t move, there might be damage to the lock parts. Damaged lock parts could result from tampering, wear and tear, and old age. In any case, this issue indicates that that lock should either be repaired or replaced. You should easily find a replacement from a hardware store for a standard residential lock. You can also call a locksmith professional if you’re unsure how to perform a residential lock repair.

    Pick Me Locksmiths – Your Trusted Professional Locksmith Company

    Call Pick Me Locksmiths today if you’re dealing with a broken lock due to tampering, weather stripping, dirt accumulation, and misalignment. Besides, all we want is to make your home safe and secure. Feel free to contact us any time of the day if you ever need a residential lock repair.
    There’s nothing like satisfaction and relief as you make it to your apartment after tiring work. You think of everything you can do, such as making dinner, sprawling into your couch, or playing with your pets. You’re thinking all the things you want to do when you accidentally turn the knob in your apartment, only which it’s locked. Now that you’ve searched your pocket and bag for the keys, you find out that you forgot them inside your apartment. Or maybe you have the key, but the top lock from the inside of your apartment is shut. Whatever you do, it’s just impossible to get in. Now you try all you can, but nothing is working. You find yourself locked out of your apartment. Now, what to do? Here we will discuss what to do when you’re in the middle of an apartment lockout situation.

    What Should I Do When I Got Locked Out Of My Apartment?

    Getting locked out of your apartment is one of the most frustrating things that can happen, especially if you know your keys are inside the apartment. Try to relax and assess the situation when you’re in this dilemma. Hence, follow these tips to take control of the situation.

    Look for another way to get in.

    Your door may be locked, but what about your windows? Or, if the building has backdoors, do you have access? If you don’t own a spare key, you can always find another way to get into your apartment. If you live above the first floor with a balcony situated slightly above the ground level, you can check your room by sneaking a peek at your door. On the other hand, if you live in a brownstone or walk-up building with several entrances, take some time to think. Assess the options you have by finding an unlocked window or check if you can access it by climbing the fire exit. Yes, you’re trying to break in, but you’re not damaging any property to begin with.

    Ask your roommate for help.

    What is impressive with having a roommate is getting help in an apartment lockout situation. Even if you have to wait for them to come home, at least you won’t have to break your window just to get in. Call them and let them know what happened. You can also ask to grab their key if you’re not patient enough to wait for them. Another way is you can wait outside or in a coffee shop until your roommate arrives.

    Talk to your landlord or property manager.

    You can reach out to your property manager or landlord if you’re locked out of your apartment. A landlord will always have the spare key on hand for maintenance or lockout emergencies. Hence it’s pretty safe that you let them into your place for a few minutes. In this way, you can finally enter your apartment. When they do not have a spare key, they’ll likely call a local locksmith company. By relying on the job to a reliable locksmith company, it can produce quicker results since they might have a copy of your key. Of course, this service often comes with a charge, but it’s alright. After all, with a reliable locksmith, you can guarantee that they will do all the means to access your apartment – whether by forging a new key or lock. Whatever solution is needed, they will provide it. If you’re looking for a reliable locksmith, reach out to Pick Me Locksmiths today.

    Can Pick Me Locksmiths Open My Apartment Door?

    Of course, if your landlord fails to have a spare key or calls his old trusty locksmith, you can do some research on your own. This might be the last option, but it’s the most efficient way to get rid yourself of an apartment lockout situation. Professional locksmiths can unlock your apartment without inflicting any damage while doing it seamlessly and successfully. Depending on your situation, they might install a new lock to gain access to your apartment. Of course, you need to talk about this with your landlord since it’s not your property. So if you need a reliable locksmith company, call Pick Me Locksmiths. We will make sure that you gain access to your apartment safely and securely. Call us now!

    Overtime residential locks can encounter wear and tear, resulting in issues that compromise the safety and convenience they are designed to provide. In these situations the expertise of residential lock repair locksmiths becomes crucial. Malfunctioning locks can leave your property vulnerable to unauthorised access, making timely repair essential to maintain a secure living environment for you and your family. 

    Overtime locks naturally undergo wear and tear due to regular use, exposure to the elements, and environmental factors. Rather than opting for a complete lock replacement, timely repairs can extend the lifespan of existing locks. Repairing minor issues before they escalate can save homeowners both time and money while ensuring the continued effectiveness of their security measures. Smoothly functioning locks add to the overall convenience of daily life. 

    Repairing a lock is not an easy task that requires skills, the process begins with a comprehensive assessment and diagnosis of the lock’s condition. We evaluate the type of lock, specific issue and extent of damage. In some cases, we may need to disassemble the lock to access internal components for a more thorough examination. Based on assessment we will process to repair or replace internal components that may be causing the issue. If the key is broken or excessively worn, e may recommend key replacement along with lock repair to ensure optimal performance. Lubrication is applied to key components to reduce friction and ensure smooth operation. Additionally we may provide recommendations for ongoing maintenance to prevent future issues. After completing the repairs, we reassemble the locks and conduct thorough testing. This includes checking the functionality, ensuring proper alignment of the locks. 

    If you are dealing with broken locks due to tampering, weather stripping, dirt accumulation and misalignment, look no further. We are trusted lock repair and lock replacement locksmiths.

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