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    Your lock is the first defense against theft and break-ins.

    If you ever just moved into a new house, or you’ve been staying in your home for several years, maybe it’s time for a residential lock re-key.

    So, what does a lock re-key mean?

    We’ll discuss re-keying to see if you should consider it for your home today.

    What is Lock Re-keying?

    A lock re-key, most often called a lock change, is the process of providing your current lock with a new key combination.

    In this way, only the new key can open the lock.

    Some experts recommend re-key your locks every few years.

    Other times, you need to have a re-key when:

    • You lost your key
    • Others had access to your key in the past.
    • Someone has recently moved out.
    • You just moved into a new home.
    • Your key has been used for housekeeping or other people that need access to your home for repairs or other services.

    In summary, you need to consider lock re-keying every time your key has been away from your hands.

    Remember, the process of duplicating the key only takes a few minutes.

    The more people have had access to your key in the past, the more reason you should consider a lock re-key service.

    Lock Re-keying Benefits

    For sure, re-keying a lock has many advantages.

    This is the reason why you should go for re-keying.

    Hence, we will discuss why it is best to consider a lock-rekeying service for your home:

    • It’s cheaper than a lock replacement.

    Instead of buying a new lock to replace the old one, you can only change a few lock combinations with a re-key for a more affordable option.

    • No one can access your locks except yourself.

    Re-keying is not only beneficial because it’s more affordable, but it’s essential to keep your house more secure.

    Having to re-key increases the chances that others can’t access your home.

    • You can have your lock configured in any way you desire.

    If you want to make your lock work with only one or several existing keys, you can do that.

    Because of this, a lock rekeying can give you added convenience.

    Other Reasons to Consider Lock Re-keying

    Aside from the advantages above, you need a residential lock re-key because:

    • You have locks that need multiple keys to access them.

    Suppose you feel the hassle of using multiple keys for different locks, re-key every lock of your house to the same key.

    To do this, all your locks need to have a similar brand and same keyhole types to re-key.

    If you want to re-key on your own, you can do this by trying the keys you want to re-key in the locks to determine if they have similar holes.

    If the keys slide successfully, you can re-key.

    • Ensure you alone have access to all the locks.

    This happens if you recently moved into your new home.

    Ensure you and your family only have access to your home by re-keying.

    • You recently lost a key.

    If you’re worried that someone will find the lost key, you can re-key to avoid others accessing your home.

    • You want a different lock for upgrade and aesthetics.

    You may also want to re-key if you’re going to change the interior of your home by matching the look of your key.

    • You want your key to upgrading into a keyless lock system.
    • Your locks have different brands, but you want all of them to work with the same key.
    • You currently have an old and low-quality lock.

    Re-keying is an entirely convenient process to encourage safety and security in your home.

    Don’t hesitate to reach out to Pick Me Locksmiths if you ever need a residential lock re-key service.

    With us, you can re-key your existing locks for whatever reasons you want in the first place.

    Call Pick Me Locksmiths for Fast and Efficient Lock Re-key

    Lock re-keying allows you to keep your current lock by changing the code combination, so you and your family only have access to your home.

    If you need a lock re-key service, you can count on Pick Me Locksmiths to do it for you.

    Our fast and efficient re-keying services are available any time if you need to change the locks right away.

    You might have previously experienced a break-in, or you want to use the same keys for all locks.

    Whatever the reason you want a re-keying, rely on the service to us.

    You can always set a schedule with us to arrive at your house on time.

    We’ll make sure to make a new key combination that works for you.

    Contact Pick Me Locksmiths today to get started!

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