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    Commercial locks re-key locksmiths

    You probably need to re-key your locks since you want to secure your business even better.

    Of course, a commercial lock re-key will undoubtedly give you peace of mind as a business owner.

    Hence, this is the best option for the security and safety of your business and your employees.

    Thus, we will cover all about re-keying, best practices, and when to call a professional locksmith company.

    What is Lock Re-Keying?

    A lock re-keying involves changing the lock; hence the new lock is used for accessing the premises of a building or house.

    It is used in commercial and residential once the key is stolen or lost or the key wasn’t returned to the original owner.

    A lock re-key is essential if you want enhanced security recently moved or remodeled, or upgraded your building.

    Particularly for commercial establishments, re-keying is ideal rather than changing the locks in a new office.

    Changing the locks can be more costly and hassle as compared to re-keying.

    Hence, if you want a cheaper route to keeping your business safe, you can work with a locksmith company such as Pick Me Locksmiths.

    We can work with any businesses sizes – from small to large corporations as we cater to different needs.

    We are available any time to give you the best and most effective re-keying services.

    Call us for a re-key!

    Reasons Commercial Doors Need Re-keying

    Moreover, these are the reasons why you should re-key for your office:

    • You want a key for your new lock since you previously replaced a lock.
    • If you have a tenant that recently moved out and you’re currently preparing for the new tenant to move in.
    • Your previous employee did not return the key.
    • If you want more security, you can have a master key system.
    • If your key was lost due to theft or burglary

    Once you deal with some of these situations, you should re-key your lock to secure your business since you control the keys.

    Commercial Lock Re-key Best Practices

    When it comes to commercial lock re-key, you have two options: re-keying the existing keys or replacing them.

    The former is more affordable, but it is only suited for correctly-working locks.

    Whether you want a master key to open all locks in your building, or you’re worried that someone has a key to one of your locks, re-keying is your best solution.

    Therefore, re-keying your office with new locks is recommended to upgrade security.


    Branding is not always necessary.

    After all, some brands are not easily distinguishable from top brands of the same item category.

    However, the brand is important when it comes to securing your business.

    After all, you wouldn’t want to trust your locks with low-quality brands.

    Instead, you should look for a locksmith company that offers top re-keying brands such as Yale, Stanley, Fusion, or Winchester.

    At Pick Me Locksmiths, you can guarantee a re-key with a top brand of our choice to secure your business.

    Master Keys

    Another thing to consider when considering a commercial lock re-key service is installing a master key system.

    A master key system is an option if you want all your locks to be the same.

    With this system, you can access every lock with the same key.

    You can also request a lock-specific key which is also recommended for businesses.

    Reasons Why You Should Rely on Re-key Services From Pick Me Locksmiths

    We at Pick Me Locksmiths will work with you to re-key your existing key system for your business.

    Since we’ve been in the industry for several years already, we customize our keys to our customer’s needs.

    A commercial re-key is easily done once you know why you want it in the first place.

    Whether you want a different key brand or you want to have a master key system, we will cover the job for you.

    After all, our customer’s needs matter the most.

    In this case, we don’t consider any requests too small or too big.

    Since our technicians are professionally trained locksmiths, we worked with different re-key requests for any type of business.

    We guarantee to deliver security by providing the best re-keying service.

    We know you are concerned with the safety of your business and employees.

    For this reason, we will carefully perform our job to achieve high-quality results.

    Call Pick Me Locksmiths now if you want a commercial re-key for your office.

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