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Commercial Locksmiths Near ME - Commercial Locksmiths in Pittsburgh and Surrounding Areas

Need someone to get  into your business or replace locks? We are here to assist you! Your safety is crucial to us, no matter if you work with customers or do work at your office. What happens if an employee losses a key or if one of your locks stop working? We can send you a commercial locksmith near you right away to provide you immediate assistance. This protects you from loosing valuable work information, confidential information or customers. We can help with all your lock needs, whether you want to replace your lock or need access to your business.



Unlocks Doors

We know that time is money and every second you spend outside your business is not running. Whether one of your employee lost a key or you forgot it somewhere, we are available to help you immediately. We are available 24/7 to provide you immediate lockout assistance. 


Re-key, master key system

What to do when someone breaks into your business and you need a new key? No matter the reason you need to change the locks, we know that you want to get it done quickly and effectively. Security is one of the crucial part of every business, so re-keying your business becomes a priority if an employee loses a key or the key gets stolen. 


Locks Replacement
You business lock been broken? We have certified, skilled commercial locksmiths to work on all kinds of business locks, including push bars and more. What if all the locks at your business place needs to be changed, but you don’t want to do it while people are there. We are available 24/7 to work according to your schedule. 

We are certified, trained and experienced to fix, install and replace any type of lock, or digital lock system. It’s important to make sure only the right people can get access to your business secure areas and that your security system only let in those people who are associated with your business. We can install a security system and access control system that fit your needs, 

To have a good security, you must first understand how it works. In a world where security is crucial part of business, it not enough just to go through the motions of applying some set of procedures. IT security is a field that changes quickly, so knowing how to follow accepted practices isn’t enough to make sure systems are as safe as possible.


Access control is one of the most basic ideas in security. It’s so basic that it can be used for any kind of security, not just IT security. At least in theory, there is a way to protect everything from getting into your car to launching nuclear missiles. Access control is one of the most important security ideas to understand because it can be used in so many different ways.

Identification: For access control to work, there must be a way to figure out who a person is. The weakest ways to identify someone will just say that they belong to a vague, poorly defined group of people who should be able to use the system. Your username on TechRepublic, a PGP email signature, or even the key to the server closet are all ways to prove who you are.

Authentication: Authentication is needed for ID. This is the process of making sure that the identity being used is real and that the right person is using it. In IT security, authentication is most often done by checking if a password linked to a username is correct. There are also other ways to prove who you are, like fingerprints, smart cards, and encryption keys.

These three parts of access control work together to give you the security you need, or at least they do when they are set up in a way that can’t be gotten around. For simple access to basic system utilities on a workstation or server, for example, identification is needed for accounting (that is, keeping track of what users do) and to have something to verify. Authentication is needed to make sure that the wrong person isn’t using the identity, and authorisation stops a known and verified user from doing things that aren’t allowed (such as deleting all your backups).

Depending on what kind of security you want, different levels of protection may be more or less important. To get into a meeting room, you may only need a key that is kept in a lockbox near the receptionist that is easy to break, but to get to the servers, you may need to take a bit more care.


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Security of a commercial space is paramount concern for business owners from protecting valuable assets to ensuring the safety of employees and clients , robust security measures are essential and commercial locksmiths play a vital role in safeguarding the business by offering specialised services tailored to the unique security needs of commercial properties. 

Our locksmiths are efficient in the installation and maintenance of access control systems. These systems allow business to regulate and monitor entry to various areas within a commercial space, enhancing security and minimising the risk of unauthorised access. On the other hand, the master key system offers businesses a convenient and secure way to manage access to different parts of the facility. We design and implement master key systems, providing customised solutions that align with the hierarchy and structure of the business. 

At Pick Me Locksmiths, we understand that commercial properties often contain sensitive information and valuable assets. We are specialised in installation of security locks , which are designed to resist manipulation and unauthorised access. In situations where keys are lost, stolen or when there is a change in personnel, commercial locksmiths can effectively rekey locks to render existing keys useless. 

We also offer duplication of services to ensure that authorised personnel have required access. We are also skilled in installation and repair of various doors hardware, including hinges, closers and panic bars. We conduct thorough security assessments to identify vulnerabilities and recommend tailored security solutions. These assessments consider factors such as entry points, surveillance needs and employee access to create a comprehensive security plan. We always keep a pace with technological advancements, we offer electronic and biometric lock solutions.

Every business is unique and commercial locksmiths recognise the importance of customised security solutions. We assess the individual requirements of a business and tailor services to provide  security infrastructure that meets those needs. Businesses operate round the clock and emergencies can arise at any time. We ensure that the security measures implemented meet legal requirements, helping businesses avoid potential fines or penalties. Investing in professional commercial locksmith services is a money saving approach to security. We ensure that businesses invest in the right security measures , preventing unnecessary expenses on inadequate solutions. 

We serve as valuable partners in enhancing the security of businesses. We provide a comprehensive range of services and commitment to custom security solutions make them essential for businesses looking to protect their assets, information and people. We create a secure environment that fosters confidence, compliance and resilience against potential security threats.

Lock Installation and Repair

We excel in installing and repairing a variety of locks , ranging from traditional deadbolt locks to sophisticated electronic locks. We ensure that all the entry points are secure and function seamlessly.

Security Assessment

We conduct comprehensive security assessments to identify potential vulnerabilities in a business’s security infrastructure. This proactive approach allows us to recommend and implement effective security measures.

Safe Installation and Maintenance

We all require secure storage for valuable assets and documents. Commercial locksmiths specialised in the installation and maintenance of safes, ensuring that these storage units meet the specific security needs of the business.

Security System Integration

Security often involves a combination of locks, surveillance systems, and access control. We are adept at integrating these components to create a seamless and comprehensive security system.

Locks Rekeying

In situations where security may be compromised, such as employee turnover, commercial locksmiths provide lock rekeying services. This involves changing the internal components of the lock to render existing keys ineffective while maintaining the integrity of the lock itself.


If you are looking for trusted and reliable commercial locksmiths services in Pittsburgh and nearby areas, look no further. Call us for fast response and best services at low prices. 

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