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    As you move into a new home, there’s one thing you should do: change the locks.

    The reason is you don’t have any idea how many copies of the keys were made and in possession by previous owners and unauthorized persons.

    Hence, changing the locks will keep your home secure.

    Furthermore, we will discuss other reasons why you need a lock change.

    Why You Need a Lock Change

    Changing the locks involves removing the old lock hardware and replacing it with a new one.

    With this process, you’ll have newly installed locks and keys.

    However, it can be pretty expensive and not always necessary.

    You should only change your locks if they are wearing out or you want to upgrade into a higher-secure lock.

    If you also want to have different brands of your locks while you want them to access with the same key, you need to change the locks.

    So, if you want to know the other reasons why you should opt for a lock change, read further below.

    Lost Keys

    Lost keys happen very often.

    Even if you own a spare key, you don’t feel secure enough because your original keys might be in the hands of an unauthorized person.

    For this reason, changing the locks will ensure peace of mind on your part.

    On the other hand, a stolen key is even worse than losing them.

    With lost keys, you presume that someone might access your home.

    However, with a stolen key, they might be in the hands of a thief.

    If someone has stolen your key, you need to change the locks of your doors immediately.

    You can always call Pick Me Locksmiths for a lock change.

    You want to secure your car and garage.

    Aside from changing the locks of your home, you can also do it for your car and garage.

    If you want your car and garage to be less susceptible to theft and burglary, a lock change will prevent you from trouble.

    However, if your car gets damaged, you will need a locksmith company to replace the keys and mechanism of the lock.

    You changed homes

    You will never know how many copies the previous owner made before you step into your new home.

    Or, if your home is newly built, you don’t know if the construction company has a copy of your keys.

    To keep your family safe, you should change your locks.

    Old and malfunctioning locking mechanisms

    If your locks are old and malfunctioning, you need to replace them immediately.

    Faulty mechanisms can be tampered with easily by burglars.

    Moreover, the defective locks can lead to a house lockout which can be inconvenient.

    You previously experienced a break-in.

    If your home recently experienced a break-in, you should replace your locks immediately.

    The burglars might have already tampered with the locks, which might lead to damage and malfunction.

    Also, they might have a copy of the keys; that’s why they were able to break in.

    Take note of these instances so you can prevent a future break-in by changing the locks.

    Someone recently moved out

    If you own an apartment, tenants come and go.

    When a tenant moves out, change the locks immediately.

    This will prevent them from coming into your apartment.

    You gave your keys to someone.

    If you gave the keys to a locksmith or any technician and didn’t return them, it would be best to change your locks.

    You won’t be sure who might want to gain access to your house.

    Locks weren’t changed for a while

    If you haven’t changed your locks for a while now, it’s necessary to change them every few years.

    Even if you haven’t had break-ins or damaged locks, updating the locks is essential to keep up with the technology.

    You want to upgrade the keys and locks of your home

    If you find it difficult to use different keys for different locks, having one key to unlock them makes your life easier.

    Also, you don’t need to carry the heavy set of keys any longer.

    If you want a more updated key security, you can opt for a keyless entry which allows you to enter your home through your smartphone or fingerprint.

    Call Pick Me Locksmiths for a Lock Change Today

    Regardless of whether you have a damaged lock or you want to upgrade to a newer security system, it would be best if you changed your locks in your home.

    In this way, you’ll prevent break-ins that will keep you and your family safe.

    If you want a lock change service, call Pick Me Locksmiths today.

    We will make sure your house will be safer than ever with your new locks.

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