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    Business Lockout

    Working with a commercial locksmith is highly recommended if you’re a business owner.

    Commercial establishments these days are experiencing security issues, may it be from outside intruders or internal theft done by imprudent employees.

    Avoid this compromising situation by hiring only professional commercial locksmiths like Pick Me Locksmith.

    These professionals do not only open and replace locks.

    They also offer various services such as installing access control systems, master key arrangements, and installing digital and electronic locks.

    Although it may seem that appointing any tradesmen will do, skilled locksmiths are far better and more reliable.

    Commercial door locksmiths know anything that concerns door, locks, and key concerns using the latest equipment and tools.

    These experts help repair and install your commercial establishment, factories, stores, offices, and even rental condominiums and apartments.

    What Does a Commercial Locksmith Offer?

    1. Peace of Mind

    Deter possible robbery by installing reliable and tough hardware for your business’ locking mechanisms.

    Ensuring the security of your valued properties, employees, and your company’s crucial documents and information from thieves is the top priority in a business.

    Nothing’s more important than sleeping peacefully at night knowing that your hard-earned business is in good hands.

    1. Locks Repair and Replacement

    You can’t afford your business to have defective doorknobs and locks.

    Not only can it jeopardize your business, but it also will put your people and valued equipment at risk.

    The commercial locksmith’s job is to do regular maintenance to ensure that the parts are working perfectly every time.

    1. Security Access System

    This controlled access is a necessity in every business for you to know who is entering and exiting the building and the time of entrance and departure.

    This process was done through the receptionist in a written log sheet during the olden days.

    This is possible through biometrics, access cards, door readers, or face and eyes scanners in modern times.

    Modern commercial locksmiths install this system in business establishments to secure financial information and essential documents’ safety.

    1. Modern Doors and Keys Installation

    Technology makes life easier even doors and keys are not exempt from this.

    Several business owners turn to modern doors with digital and electronic locks for more reliable security.

    This locking system does not require a physical key to open and access certain business areas.

    An access card or a pin code is all you need to gain access to where you need to go.

    1. Uses the Latest Technology

    By hiring professional locksmiths, rest assured that they use the latest and modern tools for setting up your business’ security.

    They use the most recent cutting-edge technology to guarantee a safe working environment for businesses.

    Ask for a recommendation from a professional commercial locksmith to know what best fits your business needs.

    1. CCTV Installation

    A commercial locksmith’s job does not revolve around keys and locks only.

    They also offer CCTV installation services as an added layer of security for your commercial establishment.

    This feature helps you record everyone coming in and out of your business premises.

    It is also an excellent tool for monitoring the activities of the people inside the building.

    And can help locate and catch perpetrators if there are any.

    1. Rekeying

    Losing a key happens to most people one way or another.

    Either you misplaced it somewhere, or someone stole the keys, you will need a commercial locksmith to produce a new set of keys for your business.

    Once a set of keys are lost, it is advisable to replace the entire lock system to avoid compromising the safety of the building.

    These professionals can also create spare keys as a reserve when needed.

    We value the effort and hard work committed to putting up a business.

    Don’t fall victim to this awful situation by hiring a trustworthy and dependable commercial locksmith for your business’ safety.

    Secure your business’s first line of defense from possible intruders by using reliable, sturdy, and high-security locks.

    Establish your commercial establishment’s fundamental security measures by working with highly skilled and knowledgeable commercial locksmiths.

    If you are looking for a locksmith company to help you with your security concerns, Pick Me Locksmith should come to your mind.

    Our hotline is available to serve you at any time of the day.

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