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    After an exhausting day at work, you might probably want to do many things after you reach your home.

    It would be nice to throw your tired body in your bed after a hot shower.

    Or pop up a cold drink with your favorite snack while watching a movie, Netflix, and chill it is.

    What an excellent way to relax and make yourself comfortable at home.

    You reach for your pocket, and the key to your apartment is not there.

    You check with your set of car keys only to find out that your spare key went missing.

    You searched under that flower pot on your doorstep, yet nothing was there.

    And there is no one inside the house to open the door for you.

    Now instead of relaxing, you give yourself another batch of stress.

    When these unfortunate things happen for you, don’t fret, that is why we exist.

    Pick Me Locksmith helps you solve your key and door locks problems, including getting locked out of your apartment.

    What Should You Do If You Are Locked Out?

    Force opening a door lock and breaking a window is probably not the best option.

    We understand the frustration, but there are other plausible ways to preserve the different parts of the house.

    Be calm so you can think of better ways to solve the problem.

    Reach Out to your Landlord or Apartment Management

    If you are renting an apartment, the chances are that the landlord has their spare set of keys if you haven’t changed your door locks yet.

    If you are a homeowner in a complex or compound, we’re pretty sure the leasing office has their set of spare keys they are using for emergencies and maintenance.

    However, depending on your lease agreement, these services might charge you some fee.

    It is probably the quickest way to gain access to your apartment unit.

    Call a Family Member or a Roommate

    If you live with someone in the apartment, let’s say a family member or a friend you share the house with, most likely they have a spare key.

    Reach out to them for you to know if they have a key and what time they can reach home.

    If you chose to force open a window or the doorknobs, this would save your energy and effort for a would-be action-packed break-in scenario.

    You can go somewhere, say a restaurant, or see a movie while waiting for them to arrive.

    Contact a Locksmith 

    Getting locked out of the house is one of the most common issues received by locksmith service providers.

    It is entirely understandable, so don’t worry, you’re not alone!

    Calling for a locksmith is probably the best alternative you have when a roommate and a spare copy are not options.

    They can open the door lock for you minus the dramatic force entry without further damage.

    Just keep in mind to seek approval from the apartment owner or management before doing any substantial measure.

    Look for Another Way In

    Think thoroughly; there is a probability that you left open a window to enter.

    Or you might have given a spare key to a trusted neighbor, a sitter, or you leave a copy under the flower pots or the rug in your front door.

    Sometimes, panic clouds our mind thinking correctly and forgetting the possible ways right before our eyes.

    Refrain from panicking, do your best to be calm to think clearly.

    Remove the Door Knob

    Remember to seek approval from the management first if you are renting the unit.

    Take the doorknob apart using a screwdriver you may find in your car or borrow from your neighbor if you don’t have any.

    Manually disentangle the doorknob by unfastening the screws and removing the entire door lock.

    Then remove from the latch and free the knob from being attached.

    If you find yourself locked out of your apartment, do not hesitate to call Pick Me Locksmith.

    We specialize in dealing with door lockout and any other concerns regarding doors and locks.

    Our services are available any time and any day; give us a ring, and we’ll appear right at your doorstep.

    You can always count on our locksmiths, who are experts and professionals when it comes to our craft.

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