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What is a Transponder Key

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    Security Issues in Old Properties

    Present-day cars use transponder keys for an added layer of protection for the vehicles.

    It has a small chip or Radio Frequency Identification inside the head of the key that transmits signals to the remote receiver located in the vehicle.

    The transponder key is manufactured with a unique serial number corresponding to the receiver’s serial number.

    If it matches the key inserted into the ignition and the receiver, you can only access the car.

    These modern vehicles have an immobilizer system that enables verification of RFID from the transponder key to the car.

    Opening the car ignition is only possible when the receiver recognizes the signal from the chip inside the transponder key.

    So unless you are the actual owner or in possession of the transponder key, the car won’t start and is safe from possible car theft.

    In case of a broken transponder key, doing it yourself is not advisable.

    You will need professionals like Pick Me Locksmith to fix the issue for you.

    How Secure is a Transponder Key?

    Vehicles that use traditional keys are more prone to car theft since it only needs a key inserted into the ignition for them to run.

    Or they were twitching some wirings if the key was not available.

    This is not possible with cars that have transponder keys.

    The car will not start if it does not detect the key’s RFID chip or its unique serial number.

    It deters car thieves from trying to run away with your vehicle since their old tactics will not work in a transponder key user vehicle.

    My Transponder Key is Broken? What Should I do?

    Whether the transponder key runs out of battery needs reprogramming or replacement, the best way is to contact a professional locksmith to fix it for you.

    You may reach out to your car dealership for them to manufacture a new transponder key for you.

    However, it usually takes time since they need to order a new one with the exact serial number and microchip, not the programming it needs.

    And you will need to shell out money for a towing service to bring your car to the repair shop.

    Some locksmiths specialize in fixing car keys and mobilizing in any location that needs their service.

    They are equipped with the latest technology tools and software that even key reprogramming is possible right at your garage.

    Is Replacing a Transponder Key Expensive?

    The microchip inside it makes replacing the transponder key expensive, which costs more than ordinary rekeying.

    This type of key also needs professional skills because of its complexity, unlike traditional keys that can copy easily.

    Added to the costs is the fee for locksmiths and car dealerships, not to mention the towing expenses should your car needs to be brought to the car dealer.

    Will my Car Start If I Use a Non-Transponder Key?

    You can open the doors and windows of a vehicle when you use a non-transponder key.

    However, the engine will not start since it needs the signal from the microchip, which is located inside a transponder key.

    Once the serial code from the key does not match, or there is no code at all, there is no way the car engine will start.

    Is it Possible to Program a Transponder Key Without the Original?

    If you lost the original copy, you would need a professional locksmith to fix or create a new transponder key.

    Pick Me Locksmith uses modern tools and equipment to solve any issues regarding car keys, ignitions and locks, and transponder keys.

    With the use of modern devices accustomed to programming complex keys like transponders, combined with our locksmiths’ skills and expertise, we can solve your problem in no time.

    We offer fast and efficient car key replacement, regardless of the model and vehicle brand you have.

    Our skilled locksmiths are knowledgeable in fixing all kinds of car keys, doors, and locks your vehicle might run into.

    You don’t need to move an inch when you encounter a car key problem.

    Just give us a call, and we will immediately send you a locksmith nearby.

    So don’t panic when you break or lose your transponder key.

    We got your back!

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