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Lost Keys

It happens to everybody at some point. If you need a new set or just need us to regain entry, we’re your guys.

Lock Installation

We can change and install locks in as little as just a couple of minutes.

Locks For Cabinets And Postboxes

We don’t just stop at front doors, we’re able to gain access to all kinds of cabinets and postboxes, too.

Car key

We’re also able to offer a full car key replacement service – just give us a call!

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Locksmith Services in the Moon Township, PA

Lost your keys or forgot them in you car? Don’y worry PickMe Locksmith, are here to assist you with any and all of your lock and security concerns. Among the many items we can secure is your house, vehicle, or place of business.

High security locks, access control, safes, gates, alarm systems, video surveillance systems, and intercom systems are just a few of the additional security options we provide as a Moon Township locksmith.

Customers all throughout Moon Township have voted us the finest locksmith service available. This is what a locksmith does:

Moon Township, PA Commercial Locksmiths

In addition to rekeying and changing locks, we can also install new locks, including high-security models. We also installed panic bars, alarms, and computerised keypads to let individuals get out of the building safely.

Residential Locksmith Services for Moon Township, PA

It’s our job to allow people into their houses, flats, and garages. Locks may be changed, rekeyed, new locks installed, and existing ones repaired by us. We also have high-security locks and deadbolts.

Locksmith Services for Automobiles in Moon Township, PA

We can unlock vehicles, make duplicate keys, programme transponder keys, and set up remotes and key fobs. We can replace any key or lock, including those for cars, motorcycles, and homes.


Locked Out of Your Vehicle in Moon Township, PA? Have a New Set of Keys Made!

If you have locked yourself out of your vehicle because you misplaced the keys or damaged the locks, PickMe Locksmiths can assist you get back in. Eventually, the vast majority of us will find ourselves unable to get into our vehicles. Due to this, a locksmith service is available at all hours of the day and night.


They can arrive soon away to help you if you’ve locked your keys in the vehicle. Let them know what kind of keys you have so they can build you a new set right away.

PickMe Locksmiths will check to see that your new keys are compatible with your car’s existing security system. Please give us a call immediately if you are unable to access your vehicle.


When it comes to getting a work done, we value rapidity, efficiency, and trustworthiness the most. Moon Township locksmiths have undergone extensive training and have experience in a variety of subfields within the locksmith industry, including automotive locksmithing, commercial locksmithing, residential locksmith emergency services, key duplication, and rekeying.


PickMe Locksmith’s locksmiths put in long hours so that they can be there for you whenever you need them, any day of the week. When our clients are pleased with our services, we know that we’ve succeeded.


Just dial (412) 991-1654 or click here for quick response and most reliable services.

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